Thursday, September 11, 2014

#PreachersofLA Honor Thy Father And Mother

While the producers of Preachers Of LA have tried their hardest to make this show compete with some of the messier reality television shows out, these preachers are true to their ministries. This week's episode was all about the ministries going on in their families. 

We were able to see where Deitrick Haddon gets his charm and his readiness to preach to any crowd. That energy definitely comes from his mom, Prophetess Joyce Haddon. She showed up to the ladies luncheon and fit right in with the rest of the strong personalities. While his mother bonded with the women, Deitrick practiced his fatherly nurturing skills. 

Pastor Ron Gibson and his wife Lovette also showed their nurturing skills. They were shown providing a home for their niece, whose mother had battled a drug addiction, and her children. They kindly opened the doors to a second home they own so she could start the journey of healing. 

While we saw lots of family bonding, it wouldn't be a reality television show without any drama. This week's drama came from Pastor Wayne Chaney's family. 

Pastor Wayne has clearly been absent from the show for the last few episodes, but now we know they were preparing us for the juicy storyline. He and his wife dealt with an issue stemming from his mother and step brother. While they didn't know the full story, his obligation was clearly to help his mom. There was no Jerry Springer type of fight going on like we saw on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Instead he heard both sides of the story and decided it would be dealt with at a better time. That is how situations are supposed to be handled. 

Actually the real message came from the after show. The after show featured Pastor Wayne Chaney and Pastor Ron Gibson. 

While they discussed a few different topics, the message was all about unconditional love. Pastor Wayne  described it best at the beginning of the show when referring to Pastor Ron. They are living what they preach. He stated that some preachers can travel the globe, but their own backyards a mess. These preachers clearly have unconditional love for their families and it is wonderful to see. 

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