Thursday, September 25, 2014

Why We Need To Work Together (Failed Attempt At Campaigning)

We all talk about wanting to better the world and we all preach about wanting to see each others succeed. Well, clearly there is too much preaching going on and not enough helping. A while ago someone added me to a group called Taking Back Florida. I had already moved back to Texas at the time, but decided to stay in it and be nosy. Recently the nosiness finally paid off in the form of a failed run for Governor of Florida. 

Everyone wants to see a change in the state and Kyle Gibson is no exception. In fact, he's so passionate about making the state better he decided to put himself in the race to become the next governor. After all, a lot of people want to see Rick Scott go. However, in a message he placed in the Taking Back Florida Group it was clear that he was nowhere near ready to run for governor. In fact, whether he had a team or friends helping him out came into question. I'm not talking about the regular cheerleading squad. Read his message below. 

"Greetings to all of you, many times in life the things we want so dear come with many trial and tribulations. During this campaign, I have had a few set backs in my journey to serve as your next Governor. One major set back was the death of my baby brother in February of this year. The second was the failure to obtain the required number of signatures to get on the ballot and avoid the filing fee. A few week ago one more set back occurred that has ended my 2014 campaign to serve as your next Governor of Florida. The person named to served as my Lt. Governor had a legal matter to come up which kept them from being able file the required paper work to run. This matter occurred at the deadline of the required filing. As a result, that ended my 2014 run. However when i decided to run, I made a personal 8 year commitment to seek this office and in a few weeks, I will turn in my paper work to seek the Office of Governor in 2018. Please keep the family of the one that was to run as my running mate in prayer during this there time of need. I want to thank each of you that contributed, sign a petition, prayed and made a call on behalf of my campaign. I will take a few weeks to take a breather and resume my run in October or November of this year. This is only a minor set back. the journey will continue, please look forward to seeing me in your area in the near future as we press on toward 2018."

Clearly he needed help and clearly there weren't enough people helping him. Look, lets stop talking about what we need to be doing and do it. Someone should have been a backup Lieutenant Governor for this man. Someone should have been making sure all his paperwork was turned in on time. I'll give him a pass on the grieving part, but clearly there were not enough people in support of him. Gibson's run actually ended before it even started, but he's going to try again in a couple years. If you know him or want to help him, then get to helping. 

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