Thursday, September 11, 2014

From #Unsung, Wilson Pickett Was R&B...Just A Different Type of R&B

What is R&B music? When did it comes into existence? The latest #Unsung episode helped me to know that R&B has been around a long time. It just changed sounds, disappeared and regained popularity, and managed to continue to exist for more decades than we give it credit for.  You may wonder who this infamous R&B artist is. He's the #2 soul man, also known as Wilson Pickett.

Singer Wilson Pickett started his career back in 1959, before my parents were even born and his R&B sound was nothing like it would evolve to be today. He didn't sound like the male singers (sike they're  really rappers trying to sing) of 2014 or the groups of men that made it into the beginning of the 21st century. He also  didn't sound the 90's R&B that many of us know every single word of and some of us want to get married to. You know you've been trying to figure out how to work Boyz II Men, Jagged Edge, and many other classic sounding R&B artists into your wedding day.

Well, Wilson is more classic than the artists in this genre we most often think of. Just the thought of this is interesting. I never considered what genre artists like Wilson, James Brown, and even our favorite female vocalist Tina Turner were singing. Their music that will forever live on as classics were always considered music made to touch the soul.

Clearly R&B has changed a lot through the decades. In 2014 it's not made to create a feeling that will last in our hearts. It's made for us to forget about it within a few weeks. There are a few rare artists out there that know how to get us emotional, but they also try their best to distance themselves away from R&B.

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