Friday, September 5, 2014

#BraxtonFamilyValues (Music Video) Traci Braxton~ Last Call

"Hey Cupid, why you looking stupid?" Upon hearing Traci Braxton's song Last Call for the first time, I was just glad the most underrated of the sisters had started to find her own spotlight. However, there was nothing extremely impressive about the song. The lyrics came off as real simple and an easily thrown together sing-a-long.

However, those same simple lyrics have grown on me. Every time Last Call comes on I'm singing along. "How many more times can I believe before I let go of the fantasy?" Now there's a video to go along with Last Call. Clearly Traci is not a dancer, but this isn't a dancing song either. Watch below. 

P.S. If you can't see it just go to WeTV. Technically Vevo isn't releasing it for viewing until September. 8th. That man in the video looks nothing like her husband. It's funny. 

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