Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dustin Diamond Chose The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story Over Counseling

It's been 21 years since Saved By The Bell characters graduated from high school, but that hasn't stopped actor Dustin Diamond from putting this memorable show back in our minds. With the help of  Lifetime Network, Dustin was able to bring more than Saved By The Bell to our attention. He used the platform to tell the story of the popular sitcom from his point of view.

We all knew that Dustin was as nerdy and weird as his character Screech on the show. We also knew that he had a huge drug problem and eventually after the show ended he went into porn. This facts alone were the main sign that telling the story from his point of view wasn't going to be good at all. It was going to be terrible and for the most part is was. There were so may moments where we could only shake our heads.

First Dustin focused heavily on letting us know just how pathetic his life as a teen actor was. He had no friends outside of the studio. The only person he did halfway get along with at the studio was Mark Paul Gosselaar. He also pointed out that he had family trouble, so ultimately Dustin was alone in the world at a very young age. I'll admit I felt for him a little bit.

Then there were the parts of Mark Gosselaar and Lark Voorhies. Were they really crushing on each other at the time? The black beauty dating the white pretty boy would have instantly killed Saved By The Bell if that would have come out in 1989. I'm curious though. One of them needs to speak up on this new information, even if we are about 21 years too late. It seems like  just as the movie was focusing on them, it switched to how Tiffani Thiessen was able to play Mark's love interest on the show. Characters falling in love killed any real love. Then again, love wasn't the main focus of this movie. It was all about what Dustin saw and felt.

Jealousy was clearly a problem for Dustin Diamond. The one person he was jealous about just happened to be the MVP of the show, Mario Lopez. If you look at Mario's career path then you can see why he's the MVP, but did Mario's name even get mentioned at any point in the movie? It seems as if he was only called A.C. Slater. Maybe A.C. Slater was who Dustin was jealous of. After all, that character had the ability to date women, be athletic, and be a womanizer with very few problems. Mario also seemed to hate Dustin.

As the movie got closer to the end Dustin's terrible life was thrown at us. His dad, also his manager, wasn't happy with him. The producers of the show didn't like his troubling ways. The other cast didn't seem to care for him. The only one that listened was Mark, but that may have been because they knew each other the longest. Dustin had terrible teenage years, but didn't want to make his life seem any worse.

At the end of the movie he updated us on the lives of each character, as if we didn't already know. Then instead of telling us about his own twisted adulthood, he just accepted that he may always be Screech. Some people see a therapist. Dustin Diamond produces "The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story."

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