Monday, September 15, 2014

#LHHH Why I Quit Reality Television #SisterhoodOfHipHop

Every once in a while some man's ego gets real big. Usually it is the pretty boys that spend more time in the mirror than us women. They get manicures and pedicures regularly, keep their clothes looking fresher than sheets hanging from a clothing line. You know those men that are all about their appearance. They get so carried away, they think they're entitled to each and every woman. The entitlement is so bad that they get caught cheating. Well, the following man does not fit the description, but he's a player, and this makes me want to quit watching reality television.

While Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is over, Mona Scott Young is not leaving us bored for a couple of months. Love and Hip Hop Hollywood has started and it is giving the other city some competition with the chosen celebrities. For instance, there is Soulja Boy. The last time many of us remember Soulja Boy, he was crying at the BET Awards in 2012. His tears weren't the most noticeable thing about him though. It was his dirty finger nails. This once-popular rapper was repulsive. However, that didn't stop him from dating.

For a while Soulja Boy and Diamond (of Crime Mobb) were a happy couple. However, last April the two broke up. Diamond is currently on Oxygen's reality television show Sisterhood of Hip Hop and we all know this was taped long before last April. It means they were still dating during the taping.

Now since Love and Hip Hop Hollywood has started, Soulja Boy is now a reality star and he's not alone on the show. He has a girlfriend who claims they've been dating on and off for a long time. Actually, she's the daughter of the oh-so-suave singer Teddy Riley. Her name is Nia Riley and she claims they've been dating for eight long years. She is claiming him hard, but there is a problem.

This would mean he is a pimp of some sorts. Either he is a pimp or both Diamond and this Nia girl have made very dumb relationship choices. I'm not going to quit reality television for real, but this is overwhelming.

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