Monday, September 1, 2014

(Changing Song Lyrics) 24 Hours- TeeFlii & 2 Chainz

Today's post is actually a play on words. I was listening to a song by TeeFlii and 2 Chainz called 24 Hours and decided to change a few lyrics. The following is my very short version of 24 Hours. It's written for us women and to y'all men. It was written on my phone, so that is why you see the picture above. Enjoy!

Boy don't hide that dick, you should be the type to provide the dick., so let a feminist hit it, wherever you want it, however you like it, when I call just be ready, cause you got 24 hours so let's make the time ours

Lately I'm practicing how to write very short poems. Using music as inspiration helps the process a lot.

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