Monday, September 22, 2014

We Should All Leak Our Own Nudes

We should just place our own nudes on the internet. 

Via Twitter, I edited it.  

We've all been told the rules behind taking provocative photos. Some are to not show your face, to be as covered up as possible while still appearing sexy, and to not take them at all. Some women take the easiest advice and don't even risk sending these types of pictures. No one wants to wake up knowing a picture of their naked body or body part is floating around the web, but for us women that like to live on the wild side with photography the fact that our naked pictures could one day be floating around the web without permission is becoming a reality. However, for now the people doing the leaking don't care about us regular 9 to 5 working women. They are trying to see the beautiful bare skin of celebrities. 

Lately several celebrity women have had their iClouds or whatever they are storing pictures on hacked. This has ended up with numerous nudes floating around the web. Meagan Goode became a victim of the hacking over the weekend. Pictures and video footage of her talking to her husband was leaked. Being married to a pastor, people speak more heavily when she does things now. It really doesn't matter though. She can do whatever she wants. She's a beautiful woman with a loving husband. 

The problem is someone feels like they have the rights to any woman's naked body of they're choosing. Just about every week we see another women whose naked photos are floating up and down the twitter line, on Facebook, and even Instagram. People feel entitled to these photos too. 

I say we stop letting the hackers win and just leak our own photos. We create a sea of nudity on every social media site. Whatever body part is our favorite take plenty of photos and just feed them to the vultures before they try to steal them. Seriously though, these hackers need to find a new hobby. As a woman I wouldn't want my breasts and ass all out for everyone to see, so I have no respect for the people that are exposing all of these women.

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