Monday, September 29, 2014

When He Asks You To Write About Him...

I've read quite a few blogs where people get very detailed about their significant others. While many know some of these writers, most have no idea who their significant others are, so they dive in whole-heartedly to tell a story about some unknown person.

They are open, honest, but still leave out some details for their personal lives. We don't really get sex stories unless we are reading a sex positive blog. Usually we get the details of something that just casually happened. For example Jozen C, Until I Get Married, tells safe stories of his moments with his girlfriend. He knows how to catch our interests, keep his stories girlfriend approved, and still not bore us. 

Then there are the many family oriented blogs I happen to stumble upon. Some women post pictures of their husbands to go along with whatever they are talking about. Some women throw their husbands in the mix when talking about their children. However, very few really go into the details of their intimate lives with their spouses. I once read a blog where a woman went into a whole lot of details about the men she was with. While her identity was hidden, she made it clear that she was a single black woman in Atlanta having a terrific sex life. She talked about relationships, cheating, helping men cheat on their spouses, avoiding love, being the side piece but falling in love, and then finally meeting the man of her dreams. I don't remember what her blog was called, but she ended the blog when she finally got married. 

However, as a single black woman in Houston, I often wonder how to tackle writing about men. Most of the men I encounter claim they don't want relationships and are brave enough to make their intentions clear. A man saying he only wants sex is nothing to brag about, right? Some men will fuck anything that is moving and sometimes things that aren't moving. Some don't even do anything worthy of bragging to friends about. I usually tell my friends because they are either going to be shocked into laughter or they are going to be like, "What is wrong with these men?" 

What happened with this particular guy is I told a friend about him and she was shocked into laughter. She actually said that I should have sent her a warning text before calling her. However, before I told her about him, he had already told me to blog about him. He didn't give a particular topic to talk about or a certain way to portray him. I thought hard about it, but couldn't figure out what I wanted to reveal. I'll just hold onto thoughts of him a little longer before telling you all anything. 

However, how do you tackle talking about someone you are having casual sex with, dating, or even married to? 

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