Thursday, September 25, 2014

Black-ish, A Show That Could Grow On Us

Forget The Cosby Show and forget about Traci Ellis Ross finally having a television husband in Reed Between The Lines. While Anthony Anderson is the total opposite of Malcolm Jamaal Warner, he brings ABC's new television show Black-ish to life.

Actually the pilot episode was all about Anthony Anderson learning how to handle being Black in corporate America. We were able to see his character Andre as a husband, father, and senior vice president of the urban division. As Dre (is nickname) received his promotion to senior vice president of the urban division, he had to battle what it means to be urban.

Every black person knows urban means black. This also means the first episode of Black-ish had to include several different types of black stereotypes, children clueless about history, and a man living in the suburbs trying to figure out how to get back to whatever his roots are supposed to be in order to run a successful campaign directed towards blacks.

You might be wonder where Traci Ellis Ross fits in. She's the wife named Rainbow, who also happens to be a doctor. In this first episode we see her as the level-headed one in the family trying to balance off her husband's crazy ideas. We hear Rainbow talk about working, but there are no scenes of her outside of the house.

The kids and grandfather also have voices on the show, which is different from the norm. Usually these types of shows leave the children voiceless, which eventually bores those of us watching. While the kids seemed to not really care about racial issues, the grandfather played Laurence Fishburne was very opinionated on how everyone in the family was operating.

There is a lot going on and it is all based on being Black-ish. So far I like it, but we'll have to give this show a couple more episodes before deciding how good it really is.

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