Monday, November 29, 2010

Chanita Foster (Inspirational Black Women)

Chanita Foster, the loud one on the show Football Wives, has spent the last couple of Sundays gracing the VH1 audience with her opinions.

In just a couple of weeks we've discovered that she can play sports just as well as her husband George Foster. We've also found out that she's a struggling mother (that was by accident) of 6 children and a few pets, works extra hard when in stress, and plays games to win. She also works with several charities in Swaziland, Africa. She also has degrees in Communications, Sports Marketing, and photography.

What makes Foster an inspiration is the lessons she has taught the VH1 audiences. One of her lessons was to play to win. This came during the episode where the women played golf. During the episode Foster told the other women that she doesn't play games for fun. She plays them to win.

Foster also taught the audience that a person is supposed to work until they can't work anymore. This came in episode four where Foster had to be rushed to the hospital for a terrible migraine. Before the migraine she'd been doing non-stop work. Some women would have thought about relaxing, but not Foster. It didn't occur to her to relax until the migraine came along.

Foster's biggest advice has been to speak your mind. In every episode if she has something to say she will say it. During the first show she got into an argument with Pilar. Since then she's expressed herself about many different issues. The only person she has avoided since the first episode is Pilar. Any other time she speaks her mind.

P.S. Pilar Sanders is going to be my next inspirational black woman.

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