Thursday, November 4, 2010

N'Secure Movie Review and Advice To David Matthews and Julius Lewis

 Last night I saw that movie "N'Secure, " a movie directed by David Matthews, and the critic jumped out of me. 

First of all, I saw black frames. I believe the editor of the movie thought black frames would make a great transition from scene to scene, but it didn't work. It was just bad editing. 

There were also rushed scenes because of bad writing. Julius Lewis, the writer of the movie clearly tried and failed at his attempt to write an intense movie. By this I mean the Lewis could have made the scene where Cordell Moore, David in the movie, and Tempest Bledsoe, Jill in the movie, discovers their significant others together last a little longer. Cheating didn't have to automatically be assumed. Lamman Rucker, known as Isaac in the movie, could have lived a little longer instead of  immediately dying. In fact Lewis could have had him and Jill hook back up as a couple and then kill him off.

Also, the missing parts to the movie bothered me. In the beginning when the cheating was about to happen Essence Atkins, Robin in the movie, told Isaac that she would have to see him perform. Lewis should have made that happen. Plus, there were several times in the movie where David either murdered or attempted to murder someone. There should have been evidence to prove that he murdered Isaac and attempted to murder Robin. That would have made the movie even more intense. 

That's just my opinion. I hope David Matthews and Julius Lewis stumbles upon this. They both need some work. 

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