Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Diva Of Football Wives: Pilar Sanders (Inspirational Black Women)

She's a model, former actress, and co-founder of Prime Time Achievers, which is an summer camp that caters to helping young girls with self esteem. She's also the mother of five children and the wife of Deion Sanders. While she has a pretty busy life going on, she's also known to be a diva. This diva's name is Pilar Sanders.

While Mrs. Sanders has been seen on many televison shows, the cover of many magazines, and on many walkways lately she is known as a football wife on the VH1 show Football Wives. On this show she's shown  many inspirational qualities.

For instance she's showing future divas everywhere that there's nothing wrong with being a diva. During the very first episode of Football Wives she walked out of a prayer meeting. During another episode Chanita Foster, another football wife, told one of the other wives that Pilar would only show her one room at a time when she goes to her house. That's funny, but smart at the same time. It keeps people coming back to see what they didn't get to see before.

Pilar's biggest inspirational move on the show is her loner attitude. She proves that divas don't need friends (especially the kind that are constantly being mean). On the episode where she was on a boat she successfully separated herself from the other girls. On the episode where she invited the girls to go horseback riding she successfully walked away from an argument in which one of the other girls started. The other girl didn't like Pilar anyway, so she shouldn't have shown up.

Her biggest accomplishment in life has been keeping her age a secret. Every star aims to keep part of herself a secret and Pilar is doing that. On the show she told the  other women she was 28. Anyway in their right mind knows that's a lie. On one website it said she was 34, but I think that was written years ago. How old is she? Maybe it will stay her successful secret.

Pilar Sanders is truly an inspirational woman. If you have a "Pilar" attitude then take her advice. Be a diva, make sure to have only one or two friends, be the loner of the group, and keep part of your life a secret.

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