Friday, November 5, 2010

Chris Brown No Bullshit Remix

I was bored so I wrote my own lyrics to Chris Brown's song "No Bullshit" lol. However, I can't sing so the lyrics are below. 
Chris Brown "No Bullshit" Remix
(Disclaimer: I'm an amateur at this, lol)

It's three in the mornin' 
You say you're horny
Want me to come over your place
And put a smile on your face
Leavin' my girls to head your way
Hope you ain't playin' no games
And everything's gonna be straight
Cause I'm horny too
It's the only reason why I fuck with you
Satisfaction guaranteed
After you make me cum over and over again
You'll have me down on my knees
We can do it all night
Won't stop til 9 A.M.

Soon I might find someone to sing it. 

I posted the song a few months ago, but here it is again just for this special occasion.

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