Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Red Is For Divas

Last week I talked about stars and their red hair just because I love the color so much. Well, I've also noticed that many stars love to rock red lipstick.

See, red lipstick is a color only fit for divas. I must admit I wear it. It's a brave color. It describes a woman as both sexy and sophisticated at the same time. It screams, "Look at me. I'm on point." I believe that's why the stars, especially the divas, wear it. Here are some pictures of many recognizable celebrities rocking their red lipstick. Notice how fabulous they are.

Lately Christette Michelle has been rocking nothing but red lips.

Miki Howard, who was on Unsung last night, has
rocked red lipstick and always look great doing it.

Rihanna obviously loves the color red.

Both Halle Berry and Beyonce look fabulous in red for beauty commercials.

If a person does not look good in red it means they are not wearing it correctly or not wearing it with confidence. If a person says they don't like the color red, it simply means they don't know the power of the color.

Me proudly wearing my red lipstick

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