Thursday, November 18, 2010

Indented In The Mind

The title describes an unforgettable thing that happened to me yesterday. It was a surreal moment in time, a scary  moment, a moment that one of my friends also witnessed.

See what happened was I put a dent in the back of my car. The picture to the right is what it looks like. As much as I'd like to give you the juicy descriptions, the descriptions are not that juicy. There were no other cars involved. I didn't back up at a fast speed into any large signs. I didn't hit anyone. Instead there was only a curve and a CVS pharmacy sign.

The actual hitting of the curb was not bad at all. I felt it enough to stop before driving over the curb. However, the dent is indented in my mind forever because it's the first dent I ever put in a car.

P.S. Initially the feeling was not so bad. Then panic consumed me because of what my parents might say. I was also afraid, because as little as this was something was could have happened. I was actually nervous about driving, but this is grown-up activity and I am supposed to be a grown-up now.

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