Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Positive New Programming That's Not Getting Enough Attention

Everyday I read some new comment complaining about the craziness of television programming. People complain that certain networks, such as BET, only portray negative images of blacks. People complain that Tyler Perry, who's one of the few with family programming on television, don't show families in a positive manner. There's always someone saying not enough shows are focused on bringing families together. However, when a new positive show comes on television everyone seems to neglect it.

Now, however, is the time to stop neglecting the positive shows and watch them. Below are line-ups of some very family friendly/comedic shows that will be gracing the airwaves soon.

Let's Stay Together

BET has been known for it's lack of good programming, but lately it has been making a change. About a year ago the MoNique Show hit BET's airwaves. Since then BET re-hired report Ed Gordon, whose show comes on Sunday nights, and they've added the cast of The Game to the roster. BET is also preparing to add a new scripted television to show the roster. It's called Let's Stay Together.

Let's Stay Together is about a couple, actors Melinda Williams and Bert Belasco, who juggle being in a working environment and trying to maintain an old school marriage. It's supposed to be a funny show and will give some insight on keeping love alive.

It will debut January 5, 2011.

The Family Crews

The family Crews is a reality show that gives an insight into the life of actor Terry Crews. It has been on BET and was so successful that it's coming back for another season. His family really is cute and they all stick together. In the next season Crews will be welcoming his first grandchild into the family.

Are We There Yet?

In early 2010 a new show hit TBS. It was called Are We There Yet. The show is about a man, actor Terry Crews, who deals with getting married and becoming an automatic dad. The wife on the show has two kids from a previous marriage. The family struggles with different issues, such as becoming new parents, dealing with the drama of children, and bonding as a family.

When the show first hit airwaves it didn't last long enough. Unfortunately the station only bought a few episodes. Since those episode were successful Are We There Yet will be returning to TBS soon.

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  1. Lashuntrice -- Thank you, and you're right, there is new responsible programming that is on the horizon at BET. I'm glad that someone is listening.


    Author G D Grace