Thursday, November 11, 2010

When The Number Of Children Start To Add Up

Recently Lil Wayne was hit with a paternity test to see if a child that was born in 2003 could possibly be his. The grandmother filed the suit, so it could be possible that the mother is not in the child's life. If this child is actually Lil Wayne's that would make it his fifth kid.

For a little over year millions of viewers has had the pleasure of watching Terrell Owens introduce his two daughters to each other on national television. Because of the last episode of his reality show on VH1, millions of viewers also know that Owens has a son that he's never met because of baby mama drama.

Usher has been a sex symbol since before he understood what the word sex meant. However, in recent years he's become a father of two and a divorced man right in front of his millions of fans. He's still as sexy as ever, but he also recently made remarks saying he wanted to be like Hugh Hefner. As cute as Usher is, he's no Hugh Hefner. No matter how many hit songs he's made, the reality is he's a divorced father of two.

For The Men:
Nivea appeared on the scene early in the 21st century. Since then she's made at  least one hit song, but had several children. There was one by Lil Wayne and a couple by The Dream. To some men she may still seem sexy, but reality is she has baggage. The baggage is unfortunately her kids.

Lets just say you are single with no children. Imagine meeting the man of your dreams. He is so perfect you don't even have thoughts of how he could appear even better. You're in love until you see him with his kid. You ask him about the child and find out that it's only one of a couple. He could be the man with one kid or he could  be the stereotypical guy with 5 kids. However, remember he's perfect for you. Could you endure the man with someone else's kids even if he's the perfect man? Men, could you endure the perfect woman if she already has little ones calling her momma? How many kids is too many to put up with when dating?

P.S. I'd say one at the most, but lately my rules have become bendable.

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  1. If she has 3 kids and lil wayne money- meaning she never sees them, hecks yeah! I'm all in! Me and my boo.