Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Reflections (Young Fun Times Are Over)

Recently I was thinking about the club scene. The club scene always seems flashy, exciting, and overall fun. However, I can count on one hand the amount of times I hit up a club this year. My last club scene appearance was at Club Metropolis in Houston earlier this year. That was also my only club appearance in Houston. Then last night I got a call from my (so far) only hangout buddy in this city. She told me that because of her living situation we won't be able to go out any more at night.

That phone call was devastating. It meant that I would not have anyone to hit up any clubs, bars, or unfamiliar places with. It also means I would not be hitting up any of the places anymore since only dumb girls go to the club by themselves. However, then it occurred to me that maybe it's time to put away all of the party energy. Maybe it's time to be strictly business. 

The problem with this is when I think back over the years I feel as though I've put off having fun a lot. At 18 when I moved out of my parents house and off to college I discovered freedom. However, along with that freedom came hard work and excessive stress. I always thought later on the "real" good times would come. Well, now it seems as though the good times that I've barely had are trying to end. 

It's too bad because I'm only 24. It's also too bad because I still had plans to hit up a lot of clubs, some jazz spots, poetry spots, and nice grown-up chill spots. Some of these clubs include Metropolis (again), The House of Blues, the i-Bar (even though I heard it was ghetto), and shhhh Sundays at the Sneak Lounge. The flyer for Sneak Lounge is shown above. 

One the other hand I'm still young and I'm taking applications for new hangout buddies. If you're in Houston hit me up. 

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