Saturday, November 20, 2010

He's Mine... (Poem)

(Disclaimer: I felt like writing about love and this came out. Enjoy)
He's Mine 
By Miss Too Sexy

Every morning when I wake up I look for his text 
And if there's none I listen for his phone call
Whenever I get online I look for his profile
Could he still be on Myspace?
Is he on facebook?
Or has he joined the world of tweeters constantly grasping for attention?
Every time I step out the door I'm constantly looking out for him
Hoping he doesn't pass me by
Hoping he's looking for me too
Was he the man that walked past me in the grocery store?
Or could he have been that man that approached me in the club?
Sometimes when I do laundry I imagine an extra load that's not mines
And sometimes I cook for two knowing I can't eat all that food
But for a day or two the food sits in the refrigerator
And like a kid sitting out cookies for Santa Clause
I hope he smells it and comes running to my door to claim his plate
Some may call my actions obsessive 
But I've been waiting for a man to call mine for a long time
Met a few over the years
But as quickly as the came, they were gone
So now I'm waiting for a man to call my own
Maybe he'll approach me
Or maybe I'll make the first move
All I know is he'll be mine

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