Monday, August 6, 2012

#30in30 Death To Spur Of The Moment Shopping

It is so bad, but it feels so good.

One new shirt turns into two. Then a matching skirt catches my attention. Soon I have a hanger full of clothes in my hand and I've only looked in one store. As I stare at all these new clothes my mind tries to process what to put back down and what to keep. After all I'm trying to create a new me, but it can't happen in the midst of broke-ness. After careful decision, and since it's tax-free weekend, I opt to keep everything. Everything gets handed to the cashier and she quickly sorts through it all. The price shows up and I flinch. Can I afford that? Before I pull out my card she says "Don't swipe yet." She starts deducting numbers. I assume its the taxes. Finally the total stops at a number. $115. I can afford that. At least I think so. In my mind my bank account says "Don't do me like that," so I make a promise that the next time I'll chill on how many items I pick up. I'm happy.

Maybe it really is a good thing, but just feels so bad in the spur of the moment.

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