Wednesday, August 15, 2012

B I C T H~In That Order, Lessons From Reality TV

People like Mona Scott Young, Shaunie O'Neal, and whoever is over Real Housewives of Atlanta have made it their life goals to showcase just how dumb African Americans can get. No wait, they're educating me on lifestyles I never knew could exist. Every time I want to give up on television, they do something new that leaves me in awe. For instance "B I C T H, in that order." What the hell does that mean? My eyes are way more open than ever. Reality television is teaching me new things. Below are just a few lessons I'm learning from watching Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, other reality shows, and reading the tweets/news stories that follow.

"B I C T H, In That Order"~
Old pimps don't know how to spell.
I think it was episode nine of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta where Momma Dee decided to give us a vocabulary lesson. Just in case you don't know the background on Momma Dee is she pimped out women (maybe men too), sold drugs, and possibly did drugs to feed her family. With all the pimping and drug handling you'd think she'd be smart. Nah, in the midst of calling Erica a Bitch Momma Dee spelled Bitch wrong. She said "B I C T H, in that order." Damn, now I know pimps can make money, but they probably can't spell it.

There is reality in reality television.
The latest reality involves Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco Johnson. On Saturday they were involved in a domestic dispute where Chad decided to use his head to hurt Evelyn. Well, he headbutted her. This led to an arrested. The arrest led to him losing his year contract with the Miami Dolphins. Then after that the Chad and Evelyn show was cancelled by Vh1. This is when I thought it would all end, but instead the drama continued. Yesterday Evelyn decided to become an example of domestic abuse and simultaneously decided to divorce Chad. They've been married for only a couple weeks. The thing is although they are reality stars, none of this was recorded for television. So there is reality in reality television.

Other real examples have been the twitter arguments between K. Michelle and every other reality star, the interviews Joseline is now doing where she calls herself an international pop star, and those red bottoms Chrissy (Jim Jones fiance) worse during the first reunion of Love & Hip Hop.

Yes Chrissy, I remember those shoes. You see the red bottoms worn mostly on video vixens, but that was my first time seeing an ordinary woman rocking a pair. Despite dating a rapper, the shoes weren't even new. Chrissy worse those red bottoms on that reunion show, let that worn color show, and everyone knew she was getting her money's worth. What's more real than some old red bottoms?

Domestic Violence Is A Joke
The statistics are real. Every nine seconds some woman gets physically (or verbally) abused. However, lately domestic violence has become a huge joke. Last Saturday when Evelyn got headbutted, Eric Williams (Jennifer's ex-husband) was one of the biggest advocates of cracking jokes on her. He laughed at Evelyn in every way he could. Then there were many other people on twitter who joined into finding ways to make fun of the situation. Wait, this only happened a few days ago.

There is also K. Michelle's situation. Someone (a girl) actually told me K. Michelle should get over it because it only happened once. Then there are many others (such as her cast mates) that believe the abuse never happened. Since when did we tell women who've possibly been knocked the hell out by a man that we don't believe them? This is the biggest reason why I absolutely despise Mona Scott Young now. This woman invited an alleged abuser on a reunion show to confront the woman he possibly abused. Nah, these people aren't taking domestic abuse seriously anymore.

There are more lessons I've learned, but I'll leave you all with the above. Plus there are going to be way more lessons that come up and they'll make "B I C T H" look irrelevant anyway.

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