Wednesday, August 8, 2012

#30in30 Questioning His Tweets

All it took was one tweet and there he was again. Tweeting down my timeline, he was saying a bunch of irrelevant things.

Yet, the curiosity in me was forced to try to figure it all out. Money, cars, hoes, beautiful women, gold diggers, never being self less, always staying selfish. What the hell was he talking about?

I even saw a tweet from him about Gabby Douglas hair. Why did he, a straight black man, notice what was going on with a 16 yr-old's hair? I wanted to know, but didn't know what to expect. With the quickness of the reply button, writing an intelligent question, and publishing it to the world, except straight to him where everyone could see, he was bound to reply back and say anything to me. Who knows?

It could be an intelligent response, or my mentions could get clogged up with disses first from him, and maybe even some from his friends. They'd insult my hair, make-up, name, and even unborn baby just because they could. But they'd never answer my question.

Were they insecure? Is that why they spent so much time on social networks daydreaming about being rich, taking advantage of women, and complaining about women being Bitches? And if they thought dealing with a Bitch was stressful, then why did they prefer two women over one? They'd never answer the questions. Why did they think light skinned women were better than dark skinned women? And when they did meet a woman they claimed to love why did they tell all these lies about wanting to give her the world, but was afraid to reach in their pockets for even a McDonalds Happy Meal?

And there it was. Another tweet he put out talking about how black women treat him wrong, but what was really going on? Did he really feel as used and abused as I felt confused? If I asked a question, could he successfully respond in less than 140 characters? Or would it take several tweets of less than 140 characters for him to accurately get out his story?

And then if I responded to his ignorance, would some sexy chocolate black man jump in my mentions and say I was wrong for ignoring the good black man? And there was a tweet. Some black man who thought of himself as good wondered why women ignore his chivalry to pay attention to the male hoe. And it's true. The bad really does outweigh the good when there's more bad than good.

And then I wondered what would his confessions do for me? Nothing, at the end of the twitter conversation I'd still be single. So I stayed silent, decided not to hit the reply button, and my mentions stayed empty. But I'm still curious.

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