Friday, August 17, 2012

Letter To My Younger Self #30in30

This is not the exact letter, but one day I do want to talk to my younger self. I want to relive some cool memories, go over a few painful moments, offer some advice that no longer matters, and just laugh in the end. Lots of people are doing it. I think the trend started with the fabulous poet Maya Angelou. She wrote a beautiful letter to herself as a child, but I'm not Maya Angelou. What would I say to that girl Lashuntrice from the past? 

Don't listen to other's advice. Is that what I would say? I remember someone telling me to speak up more, but when I spoke up they weren't around to listen. The ones that were around didn't care so much. 

Live a little more. Should I tell my younger self to do that? When I was a kid at one point I decided I wanted to purse art for a living. Yeah, I wanted to be an artist. This was the one time in my life that I could remember family members paying attention to my goals and acting on it. Several family members bought art supplies for me, but then my mom got in the way. She decided the supplies was too messy, so none of it ever got used. I had this goal, but in an instant it died before I could act on it. No, I'm lying. When I had a chance, I signed up for an art class in middle school. It really helped me to decide not to pursue that goal. I did live some, but was it enough? Should my younger self have been doing more self fulling fun activities? I don't know. 

Be more flirtatious. Could this have helped me a lot? I'm 25 and single. As a kid my cousin and I was playing Simon Says with some boys one day. 

The weird part about boys is they always seemed to be around back then. They lived across the street, down the street, went to school with me, an were my imaginary friends. Yes, my imaginary friends were boys. Now back to the story. 

One of the boys said "Simon says bend over." I was prepared to do exactly as he said when my mom came out of nowhere and pulled us girls into the house. Ever since then I've had this awkward approach to dealing with men. What if my mom would have never interrupted that day? If you're laughing, don't do it. This is serious. Maybe if my younger self would have been more open with boys, I'd be in a happy relationship right now. Or I'd be a heaux. Who knows? 

Honestly I'm at that stage of life where I'm trying to figure out who I am. Who is Lashuntrice Chevelle Bradley? There's no real advice I could give my younger self. Then again if I was forced to give advice I'd tell her to do everything that same way. Despite my quarter life crisis stage, I really do love everything about myself. 

This really wasn't that letter. Maybe it will come one day. I just have a lot more living before I could tell my younger self where I went wrong, or how it was all done right. 


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