Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Finding Knock-Off House Of Dereon Clothing #30in30

The fall 2012 clothing line for House of Dereon has officially been released for viewing. It's no surprise that these clothes are cute, but I'm guessing they're super expensive too. Have you ever seen someone wearing House of Dereon other than Beyonce and the models? Check the photos.

Fall 2011 Collection
I'm still in the midst of upgrading my style. It's a must, but a poor girl like me has to do it on a budget. In the fall 2011 line there was a jacket Beyonce wore. I want that jacket, or at least a knock-off version of it. The goal in the near future is blue lipstick (for fun) and some knock-off House of Dereon clothing. If you're feeling sincere, then help me out on the conquest.

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