Saturday, August 4, 2012

#30in30 Please Choose the Next Movie

Months ago I became a huge movie fanatic. For a minute it seemed as if a good movie was coming out every weekend and every weekend I was seated in a theater. Sometimes a younger brother would join me and sometimes I'd be alone. While the movie watching was fun, a part of me started looking for more.

So I originally slowed down on movie watching, but eventually quit altogether. Even when the popular movie Dark Knight Rises came out weeks ago, I chose to stay at home. Well, maybe I went to a club or spent that money at a nice restaurant. Either way, I did not see it. However, something about the popularity of that movie made me want to start back up. Every week since then I've been checking new movie releases. Nothing caught my attention until Wednesday.

The movie was called "The Watch" and it featured some very popular actors who've starred in lots of comedy films. One of those actors is Vince Vaughn. I know I'm not the only one that likes him. Anyway, my brother went with me and by the end both of us was very confused about what we had seen.

"The Watch" is about a couple of men who start a neighborhood watch after the murder of a Cosco employee. The leader of the neighborhood watch is the manager at Cosco, so he's furious about this murder happening at his place of employment. These men set out to watch the neighborhood for suspicious activity and find the killer of the Cosco employee. Instead of finding one killer, they discover that the city has aliens.

Between Cosco, the weird leader of the neighborhood watch, the horrible city police, and the aliens that movie was too much for me. Wait, what made it crazier was the song by Too Short and then a Snoop Dogg (now known as Snoop Lion) song randomly being played during some crazy scenes. Then again it could have been how they tried to re-enact a scene from "I Know What You Did Last Summer," but in a comedic way. Well, it could have been all the references these men made toward penises and cum. It's been three days since I watched "The Watch," but I'm still disturbed.

Why did "The Watch" make it to the big screen? Why did I go see it? Please pick out the next movie for me to see and make it good.

This is my day 3 of the #30in30 post.

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