Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nicki Minaj, I Want That Platinum Blonde Wig #30in30

This post is not for you all. Instead it's a letter to Nicki Minaj. See over the last couple months I've noticed her platinum blonde wig. It stands out in the crowd. Anyway, I need to let her know how I feel about it. You're invited to read. She probably never will.

Dear Nicki Minaj,
I want your platinum blonde wig. Well, not the one on your head, but I want one like it. Over the past couple of years you've worn many wigs. There was the black and pink one, a pink one, the blue one, a green one, and a rainbow wig. Then you appeared with this platinum blonde wig on. While the others were clearly odes to what other celebrities have done, this one stands out in the crowd. Maybe you've even done this color before, but it's definitely different. It might be the very bright color, or the big curliness of it, and it could even be that it just fits your image, but I love it. Nicki, I'm stealing your style and wearing this wig soon myself. Now the only problem is I'm a dark skinned woman. You're very light. It'll probably stand out on me in more ways than it does on you. Anyway, lets find out.

A Wig Style Stealer

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