Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hollywood Exes, What Is That Show About?

This summer Hollywood Exes was the newest reality show to hit Vh1. Is it me or does Vh1 keep the reality shows coming? 

Which show did they start with? Has there ever been a reality show break or do they keep coming back to back? Anyway, this is about Hollywood Exes. I started watching this show because it featured a fresh bunch of divorced women. Those are Andrea Kelly, Nicole Murphy, Jessica Conseco, Sheree Fletcher, and Mayte Garcia. Who they were married to does not even matter anymore. Every reality show woman has been divorced or kicked to the curb by some man. What the show was about seemed to be more important. In fact what was Hollywood Exes about?

From the title it is obvious the show was about showcasing exes of Hollywood stars. There were a range of them too. There were exes of singers, actors, and sports players. They were pulled from every popular area that we pay attention to. However, what were these women's purposes. One of them did have a purpose for the show, but did the rest? This is what I learned from watching Hollywood Exes. 

Andrea Kelly can dance her ass off. She got a big ass too. I would have never noticed if one of those episodes had not pointed it out, but the point is she can dance. Andrea's point on the show was to make her stance as a choreographer in California. That should not have been hard though, right? She was already known in the entertainment world for all her contributions. Did she stand out as an individual/good choreographer in California? I'm not sure, but I noticed a lot that Andrea Kelly can dance her ass off. Then there was Jessica Conseco. 

Jessica role on the show was definitely to be the ex-wife of Jose Conseco. It was evident from the first episode. There he was right by her side talking about family issues, discussing moving back in together, and then abandoning her once again. I'm not really sure what Vh1 told Jessica, but her role on the show was to be the girl that got viewer's attention. Although having her argue with Sheree Fletcher was not the way. 

Sheree Fletcher hasn't been married to Will Smith in decades. What was her role on the show? I'm still trying to figure it out. She was there, looked pretty, shared a memory of her and Will, claimed she could get ghetto, never quite did, talked about a hair product, and then the company she was trying to sell it to talked about changing the name. So if Sheree has a hair product on the shelves, we don't even know what it's called. So what was her really purpose? Can some help me out?

Moving on, then there was Mayte Garcia. Now this woman is supposed to be the ex-wife of Prince, but I don't believe it. I think Mayte's sole purpose for being on Hollywood Exes was to show that maybe she's secretly still married to Prince, or Vh1's idea was to make her look like an obsessed ex-wife. Which ever it was they worked. After all of those women, there had to be Nicole Murphy. 

Nicole Murphy is beautiful. In ever episode her beauty was shown off some kind of way. I was jealous. If she advertised anything or had any kind of purpose on Hollywood Exes I didn't notice. But I did notice that she was beautiful and 40-something. Can I look like that at that age? 

Well, if nothing else the hugest lesson I received from Hollywood Exes was the lesson of girl power. Maybe it was just me, but this seemed like a repeat of the movie Spice World, which was released back in 1999 or 2000. I received a lot of girl power from this show. Of course it will come back for a second season with added cast members. Will you be watching? 

Do these reality shows need actual points for you to tune in? 

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