Thursday, August 9, 2012

If I Could Be Rihanna For A Day #30in30

Rihanna is not going to be a spokesperson for Nivea anymore. For some reason they said her image didn't represent their family values. Maybe it was the barely dressed outfits she's turned to in the last year, or it could be the weed she chooses to publicly smoke now. Then again it could be the thug life image she's desperately trying to display. Either way, that contract is not being renewed. However, Rihanna's pockets are not hurting. The girl is rich. Wait, this post is not about Rihanna's money or her losing a control. Sometimes I wish I could be Rihanna for a day.

Nah, I don't want all the money in the world. Nor do I want all that fame. That must be a mess to never have any real privacy. I definitely don't want to be reminded that at one point in time another person I was dating kicked my ass real good. Nope, I don't want all that. What I want, what Rihanna has when the public is not shading her or stalking her every move (well sometimes in the midst of the stalking), is freedom.
She can be the wholesome good girl if that is who she is. That's the rising star with the island accent we were introduced to back in the day. Okay, while the song "Unfaithful" was about cheating, Rihanna's image was squeaky clean at the point and we loved it. We ate up her clean image, because in essence she was an innocent 16 (or 17) year old being introduced to the world.

Then Rihanna can be a wild girl. She can strip down to nothingness, pose, and the world watches in amazement. She can sing about wanting the roughest of sex, sleep with several men that are also friends, and have them fight over her in public. She can publicly smoke (not that I'd ever want to smoke), claim thug life, and do three week cruises on boats that she rents out for her crew. Even more when it is clear that she is having some kind of crisis where finding herself is important, people pat Rihanna on the back and let her do whatever it is she needs to do. That's freedom.

If I could be Rihanna for a day I'd take advantage of all that freedom. I'd live out my wildest fantasies, sex that guy I've been dreaming about, drink of bunch of Parrot Bay's (that's my favorite), and most importantly search for what makes Lashuntrice a very special woman. That's what Rihanna is doing.

She is searching for who exactly she is. Maybe she is the good girl she started out as in the media, or maybe Rihanna is a thug. Either way, she's having fun and discovering herself. I'd do that with my freedom. I'd discover exactly who I am and what makes me special. Is it this writing talent? Is it my quickness to be obedient? Is it because I know how to function in the midst of loneliness? See if I was Rihanna for a day I'd find it all out.

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