Saturday, August 24, 2013

An Invitation To Financial Issues #31WriteNow

Yesterday I decided to send an invitation to financial issues. It was either kindly bring them into my world or they force themselves in. Since I can see them coming, I'd rather greet them with open arms. What else is there to do?

I tried to be financially responsible. Being the daughter of a teacher and banker in a management position, it's been forced into my brain forever. So I tried to be responsible. No spring breaks while in college, because that money could be used toward something else. No extravagant spending. No name brand clothing, unless it was on sale or a gift. I was always managing my account. Online banking is the best and worse thing to happen to people who constantly worry about their money. So the minute online banking became available to me, I started monitoring constantly. I still do. In fact I logged in right before starting this post.

This is how financially responsible I've been. My bank account has only hit negative twice.

The first time was right at the end of my freshman year of college. As much as I liked being in the cafeteria with my friends, the food did nothing for me. I had to eat though. However, towards the end end of that second semester my money became low and my parents said I needed to survive off of that cafeteria food. A couple times I became so hungry I used my card to get outside food and the account went negative. I didn't care.

The second time was soon after I graduated college. With my money dwindling and no job, there was nothing being deposited in the account. That was when I found out Bank of America has a policy where they charge you when your account hits a certain low amount. So I didn't zero out the account this time. Instead the bank charged my account a fee for being low and then it hit negative.

During those times I didn't have bills. However, they control my very existence now. You know all about those monthly bills. I'm not going to lie. I'm one of those people that spend more than I make.

This was all cool when I had an abundance of money in my savings, but the savings is gone. However, I heard it takes spending all you have in order to better yourself and becoming better is always the ultimate goal. I did tell y'all I'm creating my own privilege. I just hope I'm ready when the financial issues come knocking. I did voluntarily invite them.

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