Saturday, August 17, 2013

If I Was (Poem) #31WriteNow

If I was one of those lovey dovey girls
Always waiting by the phone for your call girls
or always expecting a "good morning" text girls
one of those "surprise me with roses" girls
or even "You're the most special person in my life" girls
If I was willing to cook for you
And clean for you
Or fly to your current state to visit you
Or even go to your hometown and meet your family
There's so much I'm not willing to do for you
Like beg you to be with me
Or force a title on you
Or die if you don't want me
Especially if you don't see me as wifey material
What if you only see me as easy?
Then you definitely wouldn't save me
Wait, I'm putting words in your mouth
And I don't want to feed you any ideas
Cause I'm not one of those girls
But if I was that type of girl
The girl that would ride for you
And always make an effort to be by your side
There would be no confusion
I'd just say what's on my mind
The fact that I want to make you mine
But I'm not that type of girl

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