Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Very First Craigslist Sell #31WriteNow

Yesterday I made my very first Craigslist sell.

I needed quick money. I still feel like I need more, but that's not the point. I needed some money fast, so I looked at all of my belongs. What could be sold?

Not the bedroom furniture. Upon first moving into the apartment I settled upon a regular dress with a mirror. Then months last I ran out of room for clothes storage. Okay, the clothing storage wasn't enough from the beginning, but I couldn't keep just using suitcases as extra storage for clothes. That's mainly because when I do the laundry, there's nowhere to dump the clean clothes. So I bought a tv stand to match the dress I already had. It worked. So no bedroom furniture could go.

What was left was the living room furniture. What in the living room could go? This new place I'm moving in will have a smaller living room, so ultimately that means less space. At first glance, I looked the my computer desk. However, that just came a couple months back and it can be stored in my future dining room. The new place will have a dining room. I need the coffee table and sofa, so what else could be left? My TV Stand.

The TV stand had to go. Then again, maybe it didn't but it's gone now. I sold the tv stand for $100. It was advertised for $150. Rooms To Go is currently selling it for $288. That man who bought it got a good deal. As I watched it go I was sad, but that doesn't matter.

I sold the item. 20 minutes after putting the ad up, he replied asking if I still had it. I was nervous. There was a movie at one point about a craigslist killer. A man replied to the ad. I'm all alone in my comfortable little world. Anything is possible. For a second I was scared. What if he showed up to my apartment and robbed me? Or even worse? Anything is possible.

However, yesterday I put all my fears aside and asked if he still wanted to purchase the tv stand. He did. He came in a truck and had his own trolley to pull it out. Those Mexicans stay prepared. As he handed me over the money, my heart jumped.

In the last few years I've developed a deep hatred for asking people for money, so it felt really good to get cash in a different way.

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