Saturday, August 17, 2013

Is It Procrastination? #31WriteNow

I'm moving into a new apartment complex this Wednesday coming up. It's written in stone and money orders. The hours for the movers to arrive is set up and an idea of how to pack up everything is sitting in my head. The cable people are even scheduled to hook up everything in the new apartment. However, nothing has been done yet. 

I haven't packed a thing. I have an idea of how the clothes will be packed and moved, but none have been taken out of drawers yet. There's an idea of how the movies will be moved, but they're all over the place right now. Everything is still in place as if I'm going to be here a month from now, but that won't  be the case. I'm moving in less than a week and nothing has been packed. 

I have paid the application fee, the $200 refundable deposit, and the rent for the move-in day. However, they claim the apartment isn't ready yet. How could it not be ready if I'm moving in there in less than a week? The woman I talked to yesterday said since my move-in day is scheduled for Tuesday everything should be ready by then. That is pissing me off. 

If only I made more money and could afford one of those $900 + places. The rent would be too damn high, but I would know that I would be moving into a place in excellent condition and excellent services. These low budget apartments don't give a damn about anyone. 

Or is it just me? My patience is low these days (possibly because my money is low). Are these people procrastinating with me? They have my money. I'm nervous. After looking at the unit they show everyone I was pleased, but now I'm not so sure. 

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