Monday, August 19, 2013

I Killed My BFF

Lifetime has a show where people are killing their BFF's.

For some people meeting friends is hard, so when they meet a person they can call their best friend they cling extra tight to that person. This is mostly done with girls. As girls, we take our friendships very seriously; so seriously we will call them our best friend forever. Having a best friend forever, or BFF for short, means watching each other get older, get married, have kids, and grow into old age. At least that's what I thought until I watching Lifetime Movie Network's show called I Killed My BFF.

The first episode was about two lawyers who were the closest of friends and also business partners. A gambling addiction and greed led to one killing the other. This second episode was about two teens who became best friends, but then one started dating the other's ex-boyfriend. The ex-boyfriend soon became the new boyfriend of the best friend.

See.. you don't date your friend's ex, but actually I don't believe you kill your boyfriend's ex-girlfriend either. That's what happened though. The ex-girlfriend/best friend was jealous, so the new girlfriend felt she had to get rid of her BFF and she did with the help of her man. Together they strangled the girl and then tried to burn her over and over again. After unsuccessfully burning her body, they chopped her up into pieces. They were not joking about this crime. Eventually guilt got the better of the boyfriend and he turned himself in. They've received sentences of 45 and 55 years in prison.

Wait, what is LMN trying to say with this show? You can't trust your BFF? Your BFF might be your last BFF for life if they see something bad enough to kill you for? Your BFF might also be your enemy? Ugh,  I just want to enjoy having friends but this show is too interesting not to watch.

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