Monday, August 5, 2013

Wolé Parks (2013 Sexiest Men) #31WriteNow

Soon the movie The Butler will be in theaters everywhere. However, there's another butler who has caught my attention. His name is Wolé Parks.

Wolé Parks is an actor on Lifetime's new hit series Devious Maids and he's the only black man on the show. Plus he's a butler. Butler's are easy to pass up, but he caught my attention. On the show he's plays Sam Alexander. His character is a man that sees a beautiful woman and decides he is the one for her. He shows that he can fight for his woman, or at least try to. He wears his heart on his sleeve and he's confident in what he does.

Parks' character loves what he does for a living. Who loves being a butler? So I'm guessing he loves acting just as much as his character loves his job. According to his biography, Parks went to school for acting and mathematics. He did a finance job up until two years ago when he decided to pursue acting.

Wait, I'm talking about his career too much. This man is attractive. Do you see that beautiful chocolate skin? His smile is amazing too. Plus he's 31 years old. That's not too bad of an age gap. Plus, I couldn't find anything about him being married or connected to any wedding rings.

Okay, I'm sort of lying. He gives me boy-next-door, but the boy next door could be my dream man. What do you think? Is he sexy? Have you watched Devious Maids? Does make you want to pay more attention to black butlers everywhere?

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