Friday, August 23, 2013

Questions Rappers Need To Answer #31WriteNow

Imagine This As A Woman
Why would you want to see a woman shake like a dog that just took a bath? If I had the chance to interview a rapper, that's one of the questions I'd ask.

Recently rapper Sage The Gemini explained on Shade 45 that red nose originated from him imagining a woman shaking her ass like a dog that is drying off. Maybe it's because I'm not a dog lover, but that's weird. Instead of twerking, I actually decided to try and shake just the way a dog would. I was crazy and not sexy at all. So why would a man compare the way a dog moves to the way a woman moves? I like that red nose song by the way. Along, with this there are several other questions I have for rappers.

Why does your woman have to be light skinned?
In my mind, all rappers around the world had a meeting some kind of way. It could have been a huge skype meeting, a huge phone call, or a mass texting session. However they did it, they had this big giant consensus that all rappers would prefer light skinned women. Dark skinned women stopped by "in" in the rap culture world.

Why does your woman not speak English? 
I think it was rapper Future that said his woman doesn't speak any "Englo." Let's ignore the fact that he is dating Ciara. Why would a man who speaks perfect English and Ebonics want a woman who doesn't speak the same language as him? You know why a woman would want a man like that, right. "My pockets, they on gigantic." Oh yeah, Future already told y'all. Here I am trying to be all intelligent, get money, and attract the perfect man, and I find out rappers don't like women who understand them.

I'm not trying to attract a rapper though. Just saying. 

Why do you not remember how much money you made? 
Drake said this in his song All Me. Listen, somebody lying. Whether you're a rapper or not, all of y'all men are married to your bank accounts. Women come second. 

Who told you I wanted to fuck you? 
"Heard she wanna fuck me, know you feel some type of way." Who told Rich Homie Quan that? If I ever met him, I'd ask. It's only right that he would be talking about me. Why do all of your rappers think a woman automatically wants your dick inside of her and for her, wants to share you with other women, and will be around forever? I will however be your friend though. When we meet, we'll discuss this friendship. You are everyone's rich homie, right? Wait, don't answer that yet. 

Bonus Question:
What do you mean where the fuck I been? 
I'm getting money too. 2 Chainz gets my attention every time, but for real. I've been getting money to. Why haven't you noticed? See, again men are married to the money first and then the women get their attention. 
This will need a part two. What questions do you have for rappers? I know you have some. 

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