Friday, August 2, 2013

Dear BET, Where's Being Mary Jane? #31WriteNow

Dear BET,
At the beginning of July you introduced me to a show much better than Scandal. See, Scandal deals with a fabulous black woman that is having an affair the the white president of the United States. While that's interesting to watch, it is so unrealistic. However, you decided to be a little more realistic and introduced the world to the best scripted sitcom to grace BET, Being Mary Jane.

Being Mary Jane is everything. It's black love, black lust, and black infidelity. It features an overworked woman, who is being used by everyone around her. A trifling fine man is using her for sex. Her family is using her for money and comfort. However, her family isn't bringing any comfort into her life. Her friends bring fun into her life, but at some point she has to go home to her nice house alone. The only place she can find peace at is her job, which she puts her all into. With the exception of really close friends, no one really knows her pain.

Wait, see Being Mary Jane tells the story of me. It tells the story of other single women who are dealing with men that are either married or don't want to being in an actual relationship. It deals with women who have learned to just hold their pain inside, because everyone else's needs come first. I actually wrote about this in another post titled Relating To Being Mary Jane. Just thinking thinking about how this show effects me has me emotional and wanting to watch that hour and a half premiere all over again. However, it also wants me to see new episodes.

So BET, where is Being Mary Jane? I've read that the season won't start until January 2014, but can we work something out? That is way too long to wait.

An Anxious Writer


  1. January 2014? Whoa! I didn't know it was that long a wait. I watched this a few weeks back and enjoyed it. It won't replace Scandal for me for all sorts of reasons not related to Olitz, but I am looking forward to more episodes. Bring it on already!

  2. I too enjoued the premier. It should not take till January

  3. I understand the same (January '14) I am not at all sure why they would air the movie so far in advance of the show. They are really taking a chance that people won't forget or lose interest in the show! In other news, it's amazing that I read past 'better than Scandal'... LOL j/k (that is my show though)