Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Five Things Bloggers Do When You're Not Looking #31WriteNow

This post was inspired by Rae Mathis' post on 21 Things Bloggers Do When You're Not Looking. So let's skip introductions and get straight to the point.

1. I read a lot.
Rae stated this on her blog. It is no joke. I'm an addict or books, magazines, and blog posts. I can't stop reading. If you think I've never viewed your blog, you are wrong. I'm reading your blog as you're reading this. I soak up interesting information like a sponge.

2. I go out on a lot of dates.
That is with myself. As much as I like to read, no book has ever informed me how lonely life can get the older you get. This is especially if you're single. So as much as I want to sit at the computer and always read about everyone else's interesting life, I get up off my butt to go sit at a crowded restaurant and stuff my face full of food alone. It's not that lonely once the food arrives and I have good music blasting through my ears out of the iPhone.

3. I flirt a lot.
How do you think the erotic poems get created? Men flirt and I flirt back. They want more and sometimes I take the bait. It doesn't matter if that man is not looking for commitment or if he admits right away that he only wants sex. Whatever happens leads to more inspiration for me later.

4. I daydream.
When times get tough, I disappear into another world. Even when times are easy, sometimes I just need to escape. You know how that sexy man can say "Hi" to you one day? I take it to another level and create a fantasy in my daydream. The hard part is balancing fantasy with reality. I've gotten good at daydreaming.

5. I put myself in situations.
This is similar to number four. Have you ever seen the movie Stranger Than Fiction? Well, I don't sit on the side of a bridge to imagine a car going overboard? I also don't talk to the characters I create in my head. I do, however, sit on the edge of my bed and let my imagination run wild. When on those self-dates, my imagination goes crazy. Well, no matter where I am my mind is running wild.

As a blogger, what do you do when no one else is watching? Even if you don't write, what are some things you do when no one else is around?

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