Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Valentines Day In September #31WriteNow

The following is inspired by a fellow blogger by the name of Stacy Australia. In order to be more revealing she's pulling out old journal entries, so I thought I'd try the same. This was a journal entry done for my 9th grade English class. 

For many Valentines Day is a special day. People exchange gifts and cards sharing how much they love each other. Love, isn't that what Valentines Day is about? Well yeah, I have friends that give me Valentines day cards and family who love me, but what about my special Valentine? Maybe I'm craving the love of someone too much. Maybe love is the only way I can find happiness. Are 15 yr-olds supposed to want something more, something a little more special? Maybe I just feel left out. Everywhere I turn there's a boy and a girl holding hands. Where's that boy that will hold my hand? There's a hole inside of me and it can't be filled up until I'm happy. Maybe another year, another Valentines day, love will come my way. 

WOW, that was really 11 years ago? 11 years ago I wanted to make such an impact on Valentines day that I bought my crush one of those jingles. Stupid Stupid 15 Year Old Girl. I received nothing in return. I know better now. You cannot fill that emptiness inside of you with a boy, or man. The only way that emptiness can go away is to explore your passion. Back then I felt like no one wanted to pay attention to what I was passionate about. 11 and a half years later I'm much better, but still a work in progress. It's still hard to stay on the passionate track, but I'm doing it.

I know it's August, which is far from the month of love. However, do you have any stories of looking for love in the wrong places? Did those wrong thoughts of love happen in February, any time of the year in any cute guy, or after several failed attempts of chasing other people's dreams for you?

P.S. Even though the title says September, love knows no month.


  1. Beautiful!! I like how you took a picture of the original source. I think I might try that next time. "On Losing It" was written 15 years ago and I still haven't found that Valentine. Mostly all of my love been found in the wrong places (if you even want to cal it love).

    I was reading through some stories that was in the original draft of "Today I Threw Away His Toothbrush" and I was like whoa, this is to good not to share. I'm considering writing another non-fiction book to put all of those stories. Sad thing is those stories are even realer than the ones in "Today...". *Shrug*

    Why? Why? Why? Do us women get so caught up looking for love? Sometimes to the point that we lose ourselves to find it? Is this how it supposed to be? Aren't we supposed to just find "the one" and live happily ever after?

    This struggle here wasn't in any of the fairy tales I read growing up. smh.

    1. Yeah, I feel you. I'm definitely anticipating buying your book. It's on my "to buy" list for when I get extra spending cash.