Saturday, August 31, 2013

What #31WriteNow Has Taught Me

Sometimes you have to put the thought of getting new readers, followers, and fans out of your mind. Even if your goal is to get more views, sometimes you have to put aside the idea of getting and keeping others' attention. It's not always about how many people you can get to pay attention to you. Sometimes it's about motivating other people to be better versions of themselves. This is what Luvvie's #31writenow challenge taught me.

I should have picked up on this a year ago when I participated in the #30in30 writing challenge done by Aliya S. King. It was just like Luvvie's challenge in that it gathered bloggers into a big community and everyone wrote in unison. However, once the challenge was over many people stopped blogging regularly and some stopped altogether. Yeah, I saved blog links and continually checked once the month of August was over. But Why? They were good. They were so motivated during the challenge. Why would they decrease the amount of effort they had been putting in their writing.

Honestly, even though today is the last day of the writing challenge, some writers quit a few days into the challenge. They had so many excuses; too busy, too hard to come up with new topics, not good enough.

I always figure if a person starts up a blog and there are way more words than pictures or videos, they want a writing career. Whether it's in fiction writing, poetry, or some form of journalism that person is a writer. To keep their skills sharp and so they are for real, they have to keep writing. It can be the 500 words a day journalists swear by. It could be a post a week to keep up the consistency. No matter the consistency of the person, some people need motivation to keep up their talents.

If I have to be that person, I will be. I plan to motivate as many people as possible to keep their blogs active, keep their writing skills sharp, and take themselves seriously. So, if you started this challenge, I've checked your blog every day even if you stopped five days into it. If you did stop five days into it I'll find you and motivate you to do better. For the rest of y'all I have my eyes on your blogs.

What did this writing challenge teach you?

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  1. I think I started that Aliya S. King challenge as well but I cannot recall if I finished it. You are right, having a blog is a great way to sharpen your pen game and this challenge definitely stressed the importance of consistency. It showed me that I can write daily if I make time and the posts aren't half bad! I hope. Lol.