Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Love of My Life (Poem)

 I felt a poem coming on so I spent the last hour writing. It's currently 3:37am. The title is dedicated to the fact that I was listening to Erykah Badu's Love Of My Life when I started writing. Enjoy!

Dear love of my life
I’m finally ready to reveal myself to you
But not just between my legs
And not just through a computer screen
And not just on a romantic date out
Or a passionate night in

If you feel like I do
Let’s take our time
Explore each other physically
And explore each other mentally
Take our time
Set the scene to know each other
So we can grow together
No watching from across the room
We both having feelings
And no shy girl act
I’m facing my fears
The fear of being rejected
The fear of you saying you’re not ready
Don’t play games
No “friends w/ benefits
No lack of titles
I’m too old for that
Or maybe I respect you too much
Remember the conversations so far?
Not every guy receives explicit words
And remember all the pictures so far?
Means you’re trustworthy

So let me open up to you
Explore boundaries I never knew I had
Let me love you
Like I never knew I could
Let’s make this official
Because if you’re the love of my life,
Nothing else matters

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