Monday, February 14, 2011

2011 Grammy Awards Outfits That I Loved

The 2011 Grammy Awards came on last night. It was hard to watch, because my favorite Sunday night shows were on at the same time but I did it. There were memorable performances, boring performances, crazy sayings, and most of all great styles. Well, there were some weird styles too. Below are some of my favorite styles from the 2011 Grammy Awards. 

At first sight I hated Rihanna's dress. It looked like she had bought some cheap curtains from the dollar store, added fur, and then decided to wear them. However, the more I looked at the dress the more I liked it. 

Willow Smith is such a cute kid and last night she looked like a kid. If I ever have a daughter she'll be dressing that way. 

It's been almost a year and I still haven't gotten used to Jennifer Hudson's skinny frame. I absolutely loved the way she wore this dress. Plus she was wearing my favorite color. Oh, and I liked the way she sang her heart out at the beginning of the awards show. You would've thought she was being nominated for an award. 

Ciara decided to go to the Grammy Awards as Superwoman. I must admit I love her heels. I'd wear those if I was good at walking in heels. 

Nicki Minaj decided to rock her hairstyle from "Saturday Night Live" and while she was at it she killed a Cheetah so she could have an outfit to wear. It was definitely over-the-top. 

Jennifer Lopez was definitely showed off her diva side in the short dress she was wearing. 

More Pictures For The 2011 Grammy Awards  To Come

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