Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My View: Is Not Fighting Weak Or Powerful

My View
Is Not Fighting Weak Or Powerful?
By Camille aka Miss Sex and The City

Does not fighting make you weak? Every time I’ve gotten into a discussion about it, which is rare and I share my experience I often wonder does me not fighting make me weak? I don’t think it does, ‘cause I don’t like pain. I mean I had one chance where I probably could have done so, but I think I was just so surprised by it that I didn’t know what to do. Or maybe it’s because I was always worried what my mother or someone else would say. I never wanted to get in trouble, because I knew the real issue was not in the classroom, it would be at home. Plus I think I was always worried what Jesus would say to me if I did that, hit someone. So I never did, and I don’t plan to. I just don’t think anything is worth that much. Yes, I know tempers can fly but is it really worth getting into a physical fight over it? Not when my very clean record and name is in jeopardy. Maybe I’m wrong but I’m always looking at the bigger picture and unless my very life is in danger, I cannot see why you need to punch someone. If you are that angry, punch a punching bag. I’m not saying I’m immune and that I don’t understand. I’m just saying I don’t think you need too.

Camille Daniels aka Miss Sex and The City is a graduating senior at Florida A&M University and she's from the beautiful city that most people only dream of, New York City. 

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