Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Miss Sexual Intellectual: At 24 I Know Exactly What I Want

Miss Sexual Intellectual: At 24 I Know Exactly What I Want

In everyone's life there comes a point when they figure it all out. Well, they figure everything about themselves out. Sometimes they figure it out at 18 and sometimes when they are in their 20's. A couple years ago P. Diddy, who was in his 30's at the time, still hadn't figured out everything he wanted in life. However, at 24 I have all the basics figured out. 

At this point in my life I'm not stable, but I'm trying to get there. Many people are in the same situation as me. They are taking temporary jobs that they may end up staying at for years just for the little bit of change they are making. Some people are even tired of trying to succeed at their goals and they are looking for something new to achieve. However, I'll never get tired of trying to succeed at my goals. In fact I know exactly how I want to climb the corporate ladder. It has to be done through my goal of writing. Whether I'm a reporter, writing for a law firm, or the writer behind a hit television show money will be coming to my pockets using the writing skills. I actually hate when people ask me what I think about working in an engineering field, as a banker, or even becoming a teacher. I'd only teach if it involved some fun type of writing.

Future Family:
For years I've thought of what kind of family I'd want to have, but at 24 I'm pretty sure of what I want. For a husband I want that man that will sign the court documents to be official, because I don't want a wedding. I've been saying it for years, but I mean it. I want that cozy house without the white picket fence. I want my husband and one child. The only way I'd be willing to have more than one is if I got pregnant with twins.

Sex is somewhat of a forbidden topic in my parent's house. In fact I think my parents expected me to learn about sex from church and school and that's exactly what happened. Now my brothers, one isn't old enough yet, are getting the same treatment. However, because sex was such a forbidden topic I waited until I was legally an adult to really explore it. At first I didn't know what I wanted out of sex, but at 24 I'm pretty sure of what I want. I want wild uninhibited passion. I want every time to feel like the first good time (thanks The Dream).

At 24 I want love, but not just any kind of love. I want that kind of love where your significant other makes you feel like a kid again. Every moment should be fun. I want that kind of love that makes you crush on your significant other. It's real when you forget that they are already yours and you crave for them to be yours. I want that love where the minute you fall into your significant other's arms you feel like you can stay that way forever. I'm one of those people that has to feel the physical touch for the connection to be complete. I want that type of love where you can practically read your significant other's mind. That would be cool and scary at the same time. I want that "freak in the sheets, but professional in the streets" type of love. That has to be the best kind of love. To top it all off I want that innocent kind of love. That's that love where you know your significant other can do no wrong. You trust them 100 percent with your heart. Others might call you dumb and naive, but it doesn't even phase you. So I want that innocent kind of love to make it all complete.

Quality Time By Myself In My Own Place:
Since my freshman year in college I've looked forward to having my own place and I want that more than ever at 24. Having roommates doesn't count. I want to be in an apartment by myself in silence bored out of my mind. Or I could be typing like I'm doing now. I want to be able to enter and leave the house as I please without any questions being asked. I want to be able to fall asleep with the television on without anyone messing with it. I want to have lonely moments. This has been on my mind for a while.

Live By My Own Rules:
I want to live by my own rules. The mistakes I make should be my own mistakes. In fact I shouldn't even have to see them as mistakes. I want to be able to talk to others without them giving direction in my life. It's not up to others to always help me. I want to be me. I like writing, listening to music, dancing, occasional drinking, talking way too much, wearing  tight clothes, putting on shorts, exposing my cleavage in too-tight shirts, and loving my body. I want others to love me for me and stop trying to change me. There's always that one person  that's dependent on trying to change others. I want to breathe, relax, and free my mind like that Envogue song.

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