Sunday, February 20, 2011

Miss Sexual Intellectual: Letting The Music Guide You

"I was earning my man while I was learning my man."

The above is a quote from a Betty Wright song. If you haven't listened to Betty Wright she has a song for everything. She made songs for the married women, the divorced women, the women who pick up the pieces from a broken marriage, and she even has a song for the sideline chicks. Her songs really speak to you because she's speaking from experience.

However, despite the fact that artists like her tell you exactly how to handle situations, many women still get confused when it comes to relationships. That's why this Sunday's lesson is to let the music guide you. Let the music teach you how to be a hoe or even how love. If you're going for the bitter-woman status let the music guide you in that direction. Music will help you with your love life.

To help you out below are some of Betty Wright's best songs.

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  1. music is very power and can affect how anyone feels. its a gift and a curse