Thursday, February 24, 2011

Miss Sexual Intellectual: Men Are More Romantic Than Women

When we turn on television networks like Lifetime we are bombarded with images of women falling head over heels in love with men after one second of knowing them. These women push the limits to be with the men of their dreams. Some of them plan romantic dates just to get the men alone. Then they entice the men sexually because they think that will make the men keep coming around. These women spend 100 percent of their time trying to look sexy, be good girlfriends and wives, and keep the sparks flowing in their sex life. Even before they get to the point of the relationship they are planning how they will keep their men smiling.

However, in reality men are more romantic than women. From the moment they learn how to use what's between their legs and their voices start changing, they are trying to figure out how to get the woman they want. Some of them use lines such as "You must be tired cause you've been running through my mind" to get women's attention. Others go for a nice introduction and hope a woman will like them just the way they are.

Once these men have women, they then plan how they will keep their woman happy. They plan romantic dinners, trips to the movies, long walks in the park, and frequent visits to their house. They buy nice gifts, such as chocolate and flowers to give their significant others. When they can't see their woman they call to check up on her just so they can hear her voice. At times these men can find themselves in uncomfortable places, such as surrounded by the woman's family and friends, just to keep her happy.

Women, on the other hand, don't think about making a man happy until a woman is sure that she's the only one in the man's life. Then after she is sure she's the only one she judges the man on his every move before she fully opens up romantically to him. A man can buy flowers and candy all he wants, but if his words are enticing a woman she doesn't care.

When a woman does care is when she starts to figure out how to please her man. This is a hard task since most men seem to like money, cars, and sex. Some women don't try hard enough to be romantic to their men. Instead they enjoy the attention they get and in the long run they repay men with their hearts.

Now women can be romantic. It's just harder because every man is different. However, most women like the basic signs that men show when they are interested. Therefore men are more romantic.

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