Thursday, February 24, 2011

Still I Hesitate (Poem)

 Still I hesitate
   Poem by Me
It feels like forever since we met
But still I hesitate
It all happened so fast
The butterflies
What felt like puppy love
Then he wasted no time asking me to be his girl
And so far it’s been straight
But still I hesitate

Good times when we’re together
Watching movies and then allowing movies to watch us
As we cuddle up in each other’s arms
Heartbeats becoming in sync
Our breathing patterns no longer heavy and deep
The world seems to be at peace
As we start to drift off to sleep
The hesitation hits me

Now I’m wide awake
And it’s not that I don’t want him
It’s not that I don’t care
Some of it is me being scared
Other parts is not wanting to fall too deep
Because his eyes have already spoken to me
They continuously say he cares
And his mouth has proven to me that he’ll always be there
He says it’s whatever I want
But his body language tells me he doesn’t want to let me go
And it’s not a bad thing because I love the feel of his hold
But still I hesitate

Search for ways to change his mind about me
I’m getting old
My hair is never on point
And I suck at picking out good clothes
Jeans are my best friend
And my sex appeal is way low
Although in reality my sex appeal is at an all time high
Even if they don’t make sense
Still I hesitate

Try to keep him from looking into my eyes
Don’t want him reading my mind
Or he might hear the need for him to be in my life
And I try to keep my words to a minimum
Don’t want to lead him on
Or he’ll find out the way he feels is the same way I feel
And as much as I tell my body to be still
It gets excited when he’s around
Touching leads to kissing
And kissing leads to major attraction
And he’s already offered his heart to me
But just as I’m ready to do the same
Again I hesitate

I hesitate because I’m scared
I hesitate because I get excited
I hesitate because I’ve never smiled so much in my life
I hesitate because he really is amazing
I hesitate because the minute I fall for him is the minute it all becomes real.

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