Thursday, February 17, 2011

Throwback Song: What They Do by Khia and Gucci Mane

As you've probably noticed I've been featuring throwback artists for Black History Month. Today, however, I've decided to feature a song. It's called "What They Do" and it's by Khia and Gucci Mane. Check it out below.

The reason this song came up was because of a conversation with a friend. That friend is one of the many people that I know from Florida who love to say "What They Do." When the friend said it my reaction was to quote the song, but they claimed they had never heard of it. I was shocked, but I think I know why they hadn't heard of it.

"What They Do" was the first promotional single off of Khia's 2008 album "Nasti Music." The first single was "Be Your Lady," another one of my favorites from Khia. I remembered hearing it at every club and house party I went to. Along with this song, the album featured a lot of other hot music. However, because of Khia's reputation for having a bad attitude and always getting in beefs the album was slept on.

Check out some of the slept on songs below.

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