Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Day Ideas

Valentines Day is tomorrow and many people are getting into the spirit. The couples are trying to think of the best ways to impress each other and the single people are trying to find ways to not feel so lonely. While I'm not the best person to give advice in areas like this, I did do some research on how you can make your Valentines Day special. Below is what I found.

For Couples

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Take your date out to dinner. Make reservations in advance. Don't go to Olive Garden or any buffet places. Those are where you take your family. Don't go to the same place you went to last year (unless she suggests it). Be a charmer. Do whatever you have to do to make your date happy (well as long as you stick to your morals). Share your dessert with your date. Give yourself a budget and add $30 to it. For the men, don't make her pay.

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Candy is the best gift for Valentines Day. More than 36,000 heart shaped boxes of chocolate will be sold this year in honor of Valentines Day. American men prefer to receive chocolate as a gift.

For Singles

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While in college my friends and I always threw singles parties. We had food, music, and a lots of people. Plus we dressed up just for the hell of it. 

However, if singles parties aren't your thing then I know people who are taking advantage of spending time alone. One of my friends plans to go sailing. I know others that will take themselves out to dinner. Food is good whether you're single or not. 

Hope you enjoyed my Valentines Day tips. Make your day special whether you're with someone or not. 

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