Saturday, February 19, 2011

Throwback Artist Uncle Luke/ His Run For Mayor of Miami

Uncle Luke, The Wildest Rapper Ever

In 1960 one of the raunchiest men to grace the rap scene was born. This artist was so bad that at one point in his career he ended up in the US Supreme Court arguing for his rights to express himself. Of course he won. His name is Luther Campbell, but he's better known as Uncle Luke.

Uncle Luke is known for for being part of the group 2 Live Crew. In the late 80's and early 90's 2 Live Crew produced some of the most sexual music that the world has ever heard. They held nothing back in their lyrics and their fans loved them for it. Even now hit songs like Hoochie Mama, Banned In The USA, and Face Down Ass Up can make the most innocent of girls start shaking their physical assets. Check out those songs and more below.

Uncle Luke also had a song of his own. It was called called "Doo Doo Brown" and it's another classic that people can still shake to. 

What Happened To Uncle Luke?
Recently Uncle Luke, who's now trying to go as Luther Campbell, announced his run for mayor of Miami. His way of winning the public over will be to tax strip clubs. The only problem he might have is strippers are his biggest audience. Check out his campaign below. If he were running for mayor of your city would you vote for him?

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